Gluten Free Bread

If you’ve spent any amount of time searching through gluten free food blogs, you’ve no doubt read over at  Gluten Free Girl and the Chef. Up until now, I’ve read, drooled a little, and kicked around this idea about getting a food scale. I’m not sure why it is a big deal. Maybe I was hesitant because it might be another mediocre endeavor.

I already love this scale. It’s small and can be tucked away easily. I am certain she won’t be neglected.

The idea is brilliant and quite simple at the same time. Bake by weight not volume. This gives 1) accuracy and 2) ease of substitutions–which is an important thing in this allergy-ridden household. My scale was $14 dollars on Amazon. I further justified this endeavor by recognizing it’s dual calling as a postage scale–at least for the smaller stuff.

I’ve never been the accurate type when it comes to baking. It’s always usually worked out for me to wing it. I’m not sure if gluten free baking is just that finicky, or if I just don’t have the feel for what I should be looking for yet–but accuracy makes a difference. I’ve read in multiple books to never dip your measuring cup into a gluten free flour (they compact too much). Spoon them in. I never listened, unless a scoop happened to be in that flour jar already. If you weigh your flour instead, it doesn’t matter if you scoop or spoon. You can do whatever works best–today, that was a mixture of pouring, scooping, spooning and plopping (I was baking with a two year old after all).

I had to modify the process a little bit because this awesome toddler loves to dump ingredients, but without a helper I could have done this in warp speed. Digital scales have that lovely “tare” button, which means after I dump in one flour, I can press “tare” to zero it and measure the next flour right in that same bowl. I’m sold.

Today we made bread. Crusty bread.


It really does make a difference to let your yeast sit with the warm water and sugar. I always get better results than if I throw it in dry.

We decided on rolls. they bake faster. At that, I didn’t even have the patience to let them brown.

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